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Fearmakers Studio Begins Film Production of SAVAGE in Early County

What: This week the production of a new horror flick, Savage, begins in Early County. Produced by Fearmakers Studios, an independent motion picture production company based in eastern North Carolina, Savage will be shot in a number of Early County locations including Blakely. The film is the second for Fearmakers Studio to shoot in Southwest Georgia. Last spring Dismal, was produced in Early County and was the feature film at the Horrorfind Film Festival in Adelphi, MD

Regarding the decision to shoot the film in Blakely, co-producer Bo Buckley said the "the people here couldn't be more accommodating.  The weather is great, the natural environment is fantastic and the people are enthusiastic and supportive. Blakely may just become our home away from home."

This is yet another feature length film using the Early County area as the venue. Early County 2055 (EC2055), the exciting economic revitalization initiative, that is leading the effort to bring new business to the area is working to strengthen the economic future of the region. Through the efforts of EC2055 to attract the film industry and its related businesses to Early County, local businesses and the community are receiving the benefits. Early County is chosen as the site for the movie production because of its cinematically appealing landscape and the helpful community which supports the film crew from start to finish.

When: October 27, 2008 through November 15, 2008.

Where: Locations around Early County, including the Early County 2055 office and the Singletary Farms Office.

Who: Fearmakers Studios and Freezer Locker Films, Inc.
12850 Magnolia Street
Blakely, Georgia 39823

Executive Producer: C. Barton Rice, Freezer Locker Films, Inc.
Producer: Bo Buckley, Fearmakers Studios
Producer: Justin Soponis, Fearmakers Studios
Producer: Christopher Cook, Fearmakers Studios
Director: Jordan Blum, Fearmakers Studios

Contact: Christopher Cook, 614-209-5657,
   Celia Doremus, 781-648-2953


Early County 2055,  is a non-profit organization created to sustain the EC 2055 fifty-year vision, fund the long-term effort to protect the area's historic and cultural foundation and build and maintain a prosperous economic future.