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EC2055 to lead community's marketing and recruitment

The Early County Commissioners approved an agreement with Early County 2055 for economic development services at the commission's Monday night meeting at the County Annex. The Development Authority of Early County is also listed as a partner in the agreement.

The agreement gives EC2055 the responsibility of being the county's primary marketing and recruitment agency for economic development. The county will pay EC2055 $80,000 during the 12 month contract for those services.

According to the agreement, the county will provide funding for the project in its funds budgeted to the development authority for this purpose or shall be paid by the development authority from revenues contemplated in the tax abatement agreement with L.S. Power.

EC2055 agrees to commission a target opportunities analysis to pinpoint economic sectors and specific companies and operations to be recruited to Early County and to prepare persuasive rationales for these companies to relocate to the county.

Two experienced economic development staff will be provided by EC2055 to spend the majority of their time in bringing targeted operations to Early County and helping local businesses add jobs and payrolls.

EC2055 will also prepare "fresh and persuasive" marketing materials and will customize an Early County website to fit the needs of site selectors through the addition of a GIS system.

EC2055 will establish relationships with site selection consultants, Georgia Department of Industry and Trade and others helpful in generating deal flow and will make frequent business recruitment trips to target cities and trade shows.

As part of the agreement, EC2055 will serve as the official Early County representative in hosting and coordinating business prospects as they evaluate Early County.

Quarterly reports of the scope of services and activities planned, commenced or completed will be provided to the county and development authority.

According to the agreement, a select committee with a term of five years will be formed to govern and oversee the implementation of EC2055's five year strategy called EC2012 for which this funding is exclusively earmarked. The committee will be comprised of those demonstrating significant financial investment in the EC2012 program.

Early County and the Development Authority of Early County shall each be represented by a member selected by their respective boards to serve on the that committee. The chairmen of the county commission and development authority will serve as ex officio members of the committee.

An economic benefits criteria will be used as a performance measure and EC2055 and the oversight committee will comply with Georgia Open Records Law as an agent of the county and development authority.

In other business, the commissioners voted against closing Buckhalter Road. Chamber of Commerce President Hilary Halford was appointed to the WIB board and to the Southwest Georgia Housing Task Force. Buddy Timmons was appointed to the planning commission.

Dewey W. Cannon was approved as code enforcement officer and commissioners set the salary of deputy coroner at $1,000 per year.