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New Intersection Planned for Arlington " Article 3

This is the third in a series of articles about the visions developed for Early County during the recent charrette planning process held by Early County 2055.

Plans emerged during the charrette for dealing with Arlington's long-term growth and development, focusing on ideas for revitalizing the southern end of Highland Avenue.

It begins, coming north from Damascus, with efforts to create a memorable and unique experience for both residents and visitors.

The plan includes a market square on the right side of the street next to the railroad - a grouping of semipermanent structures, along the lines of the Katrina cottages, that can serve as commercial spaces for craftsmen, artisans and small businesses, and become a gathering area or site for flea and farmer's markets.

The intersection of Highland and Cedar then becomes the official entry point to "downtown," with pattern pavement in the crosswalks and bump-out curbs to slow traffic moving into the commercial area, as well as restored sidewalks and street lamps in the style originally used in Arlington.

Facing market square from across Highland is the existing city park, which has been reimagined with a bandstand, more trees and manicured landscaping. Just across Cedar, currently a vacant lot, the design team sees an opportunity to create a plaza framed by a new, backset building an ideal spot for gathering or, perhaps, a coffee shop.

On the remaining fourth corner, where the Pure gas station currently stands, the team sees a significant opportunity for redevelopment, with two story construction featuring ground level shops with an office or apartment above. One favorite idea includes a roof-top restaurant, overlooking market square, the city park and the new plaza below.

While key design elements may vary as implementation takes place, the goal should remain the creation of a signature intersection marking one's entry into the heart of Arlington.

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