Early County


Blakely, Georgia, established in 1825 and the county seat of Early County, was created in 1818 from land acquired in a treaty with the Creek Indians and named in honor of the United State Naval hero, Captain Johnston Blakely.

Today, Blakely is a walkable, sustainable, mixed-use community with a charming rural character. The heart of the town is Courthouse Square where there is a bustling business atmosphere and a central location for people to congregate for recreation, special events and programs that reflect the importance of the arts to the community. A local theater group holds five arts performances, and the Arts on the Square Festival and Music Festival each spring and summer attract people from nearby communities.
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Over 6,000 people call Blakely home. The town provides its residents with top notch services that include medical and health care, primary, secondary and college educational facilities, protected natural resources, parks and recreation, sports, places of worship, and housing.

Blakely is a model for world communities. It is a focus of the Early County 2055 Master Plan, a fifty year initiative for economic development and growth led by EC2055 Executive Director Barton Rice, and a prototype for communities seeking redevelopment synergies with local non-profit foundations.