Film Industry

Production Companies

Laughing Crow Entertainment
Laughing Crow Entertainment, Inc. is an independent feature film production company founded by Barton Rice and Charles Rice of Atlanta, Ga. Its mission is to create films that matter for folks who care. The company produced the Lena Baker Story, a movie based on the circumstances surrounding the life of the first Georgia woman sent to the electric chair.

Laughing Crow was established by the not-for-profit Charles and Catherine B. Rice Foundation to fund the $2.5 million biopic.

Freezer Locker Films
A local film company, Freezer Locker Films, LLC, located in a restored unused freezer locker in Blakely, is one of a growing number of motion picture businesses in the town.

The company, founded by EC2055 Executive Director Barton Rice, has filmed two movies “Dismal" and "Savage” in Early County.