Hiring, Training & Education

Hiring Assistance - Georgia's Department of Labor (DOL)
DOL assists companies in recruitment by posting job notices, collecting and screening applications and/or resumes, providing interview space, scheduling of interviews and hosting job fairs. DOL will work with private employment agencies that list jobs with the state.

Quick Start Employee Training
- Georgia's nationally ranked employee training program, Quick Start, provides customized training for new employees in skill-based jobs at no cost to qualifying companies. The training program is given to the company for its future use. Quick Start provides training space, instructors and all needed materials related to the program, potentially saving companies millions of dollars in training costs.

Intellectual Capital Partnership Program (ICAPP)
- Through ICAPP, Georgia's public colleges and universities can create a program to expedite the education of highly skilled workers to a specific company's need for knowledge workers that are in high demand but low supply. Many states train production workers, but Georgia is the first to develop its intellectual capital with this innovative training program.

HOPE Scholarship and Grant
- Georgia's HOPE Scholarship provides free tuition at one of Georgia's 34 public colleges or universities for graduating Georgia high school seniors with a B or better average. The HOPE Grant provides an opportunity for all Georgians to receive degree or certificate programs at no cost through Georgia's technical colleges and schools. These programs can be advantageous to relocating families with children, and also for a company training employees through local technical colleges. There are many eligible Colleges and Universities.

Georgia Student Finance Commission
- Georgia’s state agency, Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) provides financial aid to help Georgia students realize dreams for attaining a higher education. GSFC administers the Georgia HOPE scholarship and grant programs along with state-and lottery-funded scholarships, and grant and service cancelable loan programs.

Work Ready Reimbursements - Businesses employing fewer than 50 people are eligible to receive $250 (up to $1,250) per certified Work Ready individual hired to assist with hiring and training costs. www.gaworkready.org

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