Intermodal Port

Cordele Intermodal Port

Cordele Intermodal Services (CIS) is an intermodal service company operating the Inland Port at Cordele, Georgia. Located just 90 miles from Blakely, the Cordele Intermodal Port offers a 180-mile route to Garden City Terminal’s Chatham Yard. This provides cost savings, traffic mitigation, reduction in CO2 and additional operational service offerings to benefit shippers, trucks, and steamship lines. The inland port features a 2000-foot unloading track.


• Container Drayage

The core business at Cordele Intermodal Services Inc. is draying containers to and from the deepwater port at Garden City, Georgia. Using a combination of rail and truck, they are able to deliver containers in a timely manner, and in most cases, for less money.

• Warehousing/Cross-Dock

For shippers that prefer to warehouse and / or store cargo during transit to / from the deepwater port, Cordele Intermodal Services, Inc. has developed strong relationships with warehousing companies that are located directly adjacent to the facility.

• Truck Brokerage

• Specialty Services

≈Container repair

≈Chassis repair (including tire repair)

≈Container stripping/stuffing

≈Heavy equipment and overweight/oversize loading to rail flats